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You may lose weight while smoking because instead of eating your smoking. But as soon as you quit smoking, you will gain even more weight, very quickly.

So you can't rely on smoking.

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Q: Do you lose weight by smoking?
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How fast can you lose weight from smoking marijuana?

You don't lose weight from smoking marijuana. You gain weight because you get the munchies when high, and eat a lot.

Does smoking affect weight gain?

Smoking tends to suppress appetites and cause you to lose weight.

Can smoking help you lose weight?

by smoking in general as well as eating normally dose not make you lose weight but smoking stops the appetite so you don't feel as hungry so you don't eat as much therefore yes you will lose weight.

Does smoking make a woman lose weight?

If you smoke rather that eat when you are emotional it does. But smoking kills.

Does smoking affect weight control?

yea. Smoking affects your weight control by making you lose your appetite every time you smoke. It can make you lose weight, but it could also go vice versa (right?). Improve it if it's wrong.

How Does smoking affect weight loss?

Smoking does it affect weight loss, when smoking you produce more stress when it seems that you might be losing stress...your not!.. with the stress, it affects your body, you don't have enough breath and air that it HURTS when you exercise, you lose breathe instantly, smoking affects your lungs and your lungs are a big part of exercising and weight loss, you need air to lose weight basically...if your smart, you should know....................Smoking Kills![say no to the SMOKE!!]Smoking

Does smoking cigarettes cause weight loss?

It's unclear whether starting smoking actually helps a nonsmoker to lose weight. However, quitting smoking DEFINITELY causes weight gain. So if your plan is to somehow start smoking, lose weight, and then quit (assuming you are able to do so), this is NOT a good weight loss tactic. Especially when you consider that the risks of smoking are FAR greater than the risks of carrying around a few extra pounds (or even alot of extra pounds). Furthermore, smoking reduces your ability to exercise, which is VERY important when it comes to losing weight and keeping the weight off.

How do you lose weight after you quit smoking?

Exercise regularly and make sure you don't begin eating more.From personal experiance: I stopped 1.25 years ago. My weight gain stopped after 1 year. Now I am starting to lose weight. Concentrate on stopping smoking first. When you feel OK then reduce with a healthy eating plan.Also, once you stop smoking your general fitness shluld improve, so it should be easier to lose any weight gained.

Why is smoking good for you?

Smoking is NOT good for you or those around you.

Does smoking help one lose weight?

no it will make you enerixic so dont smoke and it does not help you. so dont smoke

What happens to your body when you are smoking weed?

It gets your heart going, its harder to get addicted to than cigarettes, and it can make you skinnier and lose weight.

Does marijuana reduce weight?

At first glance, the research might seem to suggest that smoking weed is a good way to lose weight. But there's no evidence that using cannabis directly causesย .