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Yes, long term weight loss is possible with Slimfast meals as long as you maintain what you were doing when you lost the weight. Many people who gain weight back go back to old eating habits and lower activity levels.

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Q: Do you know if long term weight loss is possible with Slimfast meals?
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Do you know if Slimfast has any ideas for acheiving a quick and easy weight loss?

SlimFast promotes healthy weight loss. Healthy weight loss is neither "quick" nor is it "easy." It may appear to be easy, based on some of the claims made by various products and plans. But it's not. It takes planning, discipline. patience and motivation, as well as a willingness to change one's habits and lifestyle. SlimFast has free site with meal planning tools, calorie calculators, nutritional information and a raft of articles about how to lose weight and get health:

What are some different weight loss shake brands?

There are many different weight loss shake brands and most offer a large range of flavors. I know personally that SlimFast offer many different, delicious weight loss shakes. HMR is another good brand you may want to try as their selection of flavors is very broad.

How much fat should you eat a day for weight loss?

I'm not really sure about the amount of fat but i know that if you eat six small meals a day then you will lose weight. But they have to be good and nutritious. Also six meals a day is healthier for you(: Hope this helps.

Is fast food an alternative to homecooked meals?

For those who know what they are doing, it is possible to make home cooked meals that are better than fast food both in terms of nutritional value and flavor, but fast food remains an alternative.

Can riding horses help you to lose weight?

Yes, not as much as say if we went for a daily jog but we know this because when riding, the horse looses small amounts of weight and breathes in, this is why we have to tighten the girth when riding. However, that weight is soon recovered by meals!

If you throw up once a day and eat 3 meals a day are you going to lose weight if you are a 5' 2 160 pound 15-year-old?

If you throw up once a day, the acid from your bile will destroy your teeth, your electrolytes will be off, (causing heart attacks and strokes) and you will get chubby cheeks,(salivary gland swelling), Irritation, inflammation, and possible rupture of the esophagus. For some girls I know their three meals a day are three small snacks so they lose weight when they throw up... it depends on how much you eat during your three meals. I guess that if you eat small snacks you maybe could lose weight. I know this from having stains on my teeth from having epilepsy and being ill doesn't help you lose weight it just gets rid of a bit off food.

You are 12 and weigh 130 pounds is this a healthy weight you are about 5 foot should you skip meals?

you should eat healthy but i am 12 and 5 fett and i weight 80 thank you! i think i am fat but i KNOW that 80 pounds is unhealthy!

If you eat 5-6 small meals a day how much weight can you lose in 6 months?

It depends entirely on the calorie content of the meals and your level of energy expenditure.I you're a moderately active small person who needs 2000 calories a day to maintain body weight and you eat 6 small meals, each containing 300 calories, then you will lose weight at the rate of 1400 calories - or a bit less than half a pound of fat - a week.Over 26 weeks this would amount to about ten pounds.If the meals contained 200 calories you could lose up to 40 pounds of fat (if you had it to lose at the outset).I don't know of any evidence that varying the size and frequency of meals for the same daily calorie intake makes a significant difference to rate of weight loss.

Do you know if Jenny Craig offers weight loss counseling?

Yes they do. In fact, weight loss counseling is one of Jenny Craig's core businesses (the other main one being prepackaged meals). To get counseling, you'll need to go to a Jenny Craig weight loss center.

Do you know if Jenny Craig offer meal plans to help acheive diet goals?

Jenny Craig is all about meal plans but they are prepared for you. If you stick to these purchased meals, you are sure to lose weight.

What are some sites that offer diet and exercise plans?

I am sure that any of the major diet companies would be available to help with planning your meals for you. I know that Weight Watchers has points for a person to count.

You Can Still Reach a Healthy Weight With Hypothyroidism?

If you have hypothyroidism, you know that losing weight can be difficult, but, with careful management, you can maintain a healthy weight. The usual advice to eat smaller meals, exercise regular, and watch your sugar and fat intake still applies, but you will need to avoid certain foods as well. Soy can actually worsen hypothyroid symptoms and should be avoided if possible. Iodine consumption needs to monitored as well because it can effect your thyroid hormone levels, too.