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The iPod 3g doesn't exist yet; and no it doesn't require iTunes 9. even though i have iTunes 13

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Q: Do you have to have iTunes 9 to download music to an iPod Touch 3rd generation?
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When you download a new version of iTunes is your music erased?

Updates to the iTunes software only affect the iTunes application and does not touch your music library.

Can i download music from an iPod touch?

Yes, you can download music on your iPod Touch. You first have to be connected to a Wi-Fi router. Then, go to the iTunes app, search for your song, enter your iTunes password, and then you can download the song you want.

Can you download music for the iPod Touch other than from iTunes?


Is there a radio app for the ipod touch?

No, you can only download music from itunes.

How do you get your music from iTunes to iPod Touch?

You buy it and download it hope this was helpful

Can you download songs on your iPod?

Yes, you can download songs on your iPod Touch. You will use iTunes to download the music.

How do you get music onto your ipod touch?

you can buy the music on itunes or you can download a app on the app store that lets you download free music.

How do you put iTunes on your ipod touch?

you put itunes on your computer or laptop, not the ipod itself. Then use itunes to download the music to your ipod. If you go on the apple website it has quite simple instructions on how to download itunes and music.

How do you download music on your iPod touch?

you download itunes and buy songs . then connect your ipod to your computer/laptop and open itunes then it will download the songs automatically.

Does an ipod touch have a music store to download music?

Yes, iTunes store. It comes with the iPod.

How do you download music and movies to ipod touch?

youu d0 it from itunes or limewire

What do the music functions do on an iPod Touch 3rd Generation?

Generally, the music functions on an Ipod Touch are for playing music. The iTunes shop sells albums which can be viewed.