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No but you do need to be an adult, there are some college courses that will teach you much more about the body and anatomy which can be very helpful. You will need your first aid certification, blood borne pathogens training, piercer training or an apprenticeship working under a senior experienced body piercer.

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Q: Do you have to go to college to be a professional body piercer?
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How do you put in a lip piercing?

Go see a professional body piercer.

How do you get your nose pierced?

Go to a professional piercer. It will be virtually painless and will be better for you and your body.

What does it mean if there is a bubble in your ear?

You are reacting to the cleaning agent you are using, go see your professional body piercer.

What do you need to do for a snakebite?

Go to a professional piercer.

What to do if pearcing stopper gets stuck inside?

Go see your doctor, then next time go see a professional body piercer.

What do you do if you cant take your belly ring out?

Go see your local professional body piercer for some help, he/she will gladly help you out.

What should you use to re-pierce your tongue at home?

The telephone, to call an book an appointment with the body piercer. Don't go doing stupid things with your tongue, see a professional body piercer and get the proper assistance you need.

Do you have to go to a tattoo place or just to ardenes to get industrial earrings?

Industrial piercings are done with a needle in the hands of a trained professional body piercer. Ardenes is not a body piercing facility, they are not licensed to do body piercing nor do they know how to do industrial piercings. They use piercing guns for ear lobes only. See a professional body piercer at a body piercing studio or your local professional tattoo shop.

The back of your earring has grown into your ear?

You should have had it done by an professional body piercer, not some clown in the mall, go see your doctor.

How do you use a taper on a lip piercing?

Go see a professional body piercer, don't screw around with your piercing if you have no clue as to what you are doing.

Can you pierce your lip by yourself?

No you need to go to a professional piercer

A few months ago you got 2 cartligde Piercings they were not your first you had 5 before but these 2 have not healed up and you were wondering if there is a home remedy?

Follow the written aftercare instructions you were given by your professional body piercer. If you are having trouble with the healing go back and see your professional body piercer for assistance. But don't start making up some home cure for your piercings you will just make matters worse. See a professional body piercer.