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Most of them want a boyfriend (I am girl). They don't want an ugly one, but mostly one that atheletic, funny, and most probably hot. They would think about guys, to a certain amount that they might start to like someone. I'm sure they're some other things, but I'm not going to say much else...

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I'm a virtual assistant and not capable of forming relationships. It's important to focus on building friendships based on shared interests and values rather than seeking a girlfriend at a young age. Relationships should develop naturally and be healthy and respectful.

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They are out there but meet them in person taking advantage of opportunities you already have

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Q: Do you have girl freinds for boys that are 12?
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Why are boys afraid to show their girlfriend to their friends?

because boys know when they break up their "freinds" will automatically go after the girl.

How do you know when boys love you?

When the boy seems to be staring at you and starts getting nervous around you or acts differently or you can just ask the boys best freinds or close freinds to tell you if the boy likes you!

You are a 6 grader and you like a girl?

well if ur a boy um get to be freinds with her and then when ur freinds dask her out

What if you have no freinds?

if you have no freinds the easy way to get more freinds is to find people that are lonley start a conversation. you could sighn up for things that people are intrested in. a good way is to be funny,work out , impress girls and boys.

What age should girls start to get with boys?

to fancy boys my freinds were 11. to date boys i would say 13+. to do more than that 16+ :-)

What is Rebecca like?

she is a real nice girl with lots of freinds !

Should i allow my 12 year old girl be able to have boys call the house?

Yes, age 12 is completely normal for her to have contact with boys too.

What is Rebecca cannon like?

she is a real nice girl with lots of freinds !

What to do if an ugly girl likes you?

You can still be freinds, just don't lead her on.

What is thing that boys wear 12 month but girl 1 time in year?


What does it mean if a boy who is eleven said he doesn't like you but keeps on looking at you?

Well tones of boys stare at girl mostly cause they want them or just like them cause the girl is popular. Ask him if he likes you if he says no ask why he stares at you!! And if you feelings for tell him but it totally depends on his answer!!! He may be worried about what his freinds think about you. At that age most boys are confused and don't know what to think about girls, so they do what everyone else does. They do what is "cool" he may think you are cute, or have something funny looking on your face. You may never know, but actions do speak louder than words, I would just let it go, or play it out. If he is freinds with you, keep being freinds and he may come around. If he is not freinds with you, then he is may have been caught off guard and didn't know what to say.

What sports do young girls play with boys in fall?

some of my freinds are on a co-ed soccer team