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Generally speaking ovulation (fertile period) occurs two weeks before your period.

The chances of pregnancy reach a maximum in the middle of the menstrual cycle, close to ovulation (if you have a 28-day menstruation cycle, the ovulation period is nearly the 14th day of the cycle. )

Cycle is counted from the first day of menses.

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Q: Do you get pregnant before or after menses?
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Can a woman in menses get pregnant if she eats mans sperms?

if a woman in menses eats mans sperms she won't get pragnent

Can a girl get pregnant 2 days before she starts menses?

If menses, means menstrating, then yes a girl can get pregnant.

Which are the dates when a women becomes pregnant?

After menses period the first week is the 100% chances to become pregnant.

What happens to the menstrual cycle if a female is pregnant?

When a female is pregnant,it depends on how her body works she could have her menses.

When your girlfriend wiped she saw blood and she is pregnant?

Probably not, sounds like menses...

Is there any chance of pregnancy just after two days of menses?

Yes you can get pregnant right after your period.

How many weeks are you pregnant when you miss your menses?

Depends on when you had sex. Right after the last one or later.

9 months delayed menses?

If you are not pregnant go see a doctor since you might have a hormonal problem.

I haven't see my menses for 2 years now and am not pregnant and am only 28years and single?

See a doctor immediately!

My last menses period was june9 now it was july11 i always used to get stomach ache before menses now also i feel the same but i want to know whether am i pregnant or not?

my last menses was june13 we wated to have intercourse on the day of ovulation, witch was on June 27, i got my meses i think that's what it is any ways.on the 9 of July but it was a day early and its light and kinda on the pinkish side. im usually right on time and it a verry bright red, and kindda on the heaver side intill a day befor its through could i be pregnant.

Can you get chance to pregnant after 15days of your menses time without any precautions?

Absolutely. In fact about then is the most likely time to conceive.