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well actually when you ovulate you are considered 2 weeks pregnant already (based on the regular period cycle of 28 days). So week one you are on your period which is normal to have cramps. Pregnancy cramps dont come tell atleast 3 plus weeks in pregnancy.

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Q: Do you get minor cramps in your first week of pregnancy?
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Can you have cramps during your first week of pregnancy?

Yes,This could be painful inplantation of the egg.

Do you have cramps the first week of pregnancy?

You may or may not. No two women or even pregnancies are alike.

Does Abdominal cramps a week before periods indicate pregnancy?

Almost always.

Can you get cramps during 1st week of pregnancy?

its normal. tell your doctor he might give you pain medicine.

Are there any symptoms of pregnancy in the first week?

No it is far to early to say anything about pregnancy in the first week.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms in the first week like just little signs?

Can you have pregnancy symptoms in first week after having sex

Is it normal to be a week late but your breasts hurt and you had a clear milky discharge and cramps but had sex for the first time in 5 months?

No it's not normal, these symptoms are cause by pregnancy. Good luck!

Can you cramp in early pregnancy symptoms?

Absolutely yes. My first pregnancy symptoms were indistinguishable from my normal PMS symptoms: cramps, sore breasts, fatigue. In fact, it's why I never considered I might be pregnant until my period was over a week late. This lasted throughout the early pregnancy.

I am one to two weeks pregnant from conception time i have mild lower abdo soreness and cramps no bleeding not in a lot of pain just like the cramps you get at the start of period is this okay?

Pregnancy can not be confirmed until after the first missed menstruation or the 4th week. If this occurs after the 4th week and the pregnancy has been confirmed by a test then any questions like the one above should be asked to your ob/gyn or general practitioner.

Is it painfull da first week of pregnancy?

it can be.

Can you travel first week of pregnancy?


Do you get bloated the first week of pregnancy?

Yes, you can!!