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Yes but it would only be the size of the pierced hole.

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Q: Do you get a scar after your belly button is pierced for 5 years?
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Can you get your belly button repierced in the same hole?

Yes, most piercers will. Others will require that you get it done at a larger gauge to remove the scar tissue. Keep in mind that generally it is more painful to get pierced through scar tissue.

Does having your belly button pierced the second time hurt more?

Piercing through scar tissue hurts more for some people but doesnt for others. It all depends.

What is your belly button?

It is a scar from the umbilical cord that is removed at birth.

What do i do if my belly button closed but i want it pierced again?

Go get it pierced again! It may hurt a little more because it's also going to be going through scar tissue, but if you did it once I'm sure you can do it again! Good luck :)

If my belly button piercing had to be allowed to close and it left scar tissue how bad will it hurt to get it re-pierced?

Probably less than when you got it new!The scar tissue is dead tissue,meaning the nerve endings are no so sensitive as they were when you first did your piercing.

does it hurt to get your belly button redone in the same spot?

It depends on how much scar tissue you have. Scar tissue can be tougher to pierce, and depending on where it is, you might have to pierce around it. I've never been pierced through scar tissue, but its generally considered to be more painful and can be harder to heal. Everyone's different though!

What is some basic information about belly button piercing?

A belly button piercing can be a lot of fun, but it must be kept absolutely clean. It is a piercing that is easily infected, and when it does get infected, it's pretty bad. After getting pierced, clean the area twice a day (as well as after the shower, after swimming in the beach, etc). Also know that after the belly button ring is removed, there will be a small scar that can stretch (permanently) during pregnancy.

What do belly button and nose piercings look like if you let them close?

A small scar where the ring was, hard from the scar tissue.

I had my belly button pierced in 2007 but it ripped out on holiday im worried that there is scar tissue and i will not be able to have it re-pierce will i be able to have another attempt?

no, because it is aready ripped and i am sorry to tell you this but it is going to be scared for LIFE.

What is the small scar where umbilical cord was attached?

belly button or navel

What does it mean when your dog has a scar on her belly button area?

Check with your veterinarian before you do anything to help regrow fur on your dog's scar

Does it hurt to tumble after having pierced your belly button?

yes, i am a cheerleader and my weeks consist of tumbling. i got my belly button pierced 3 weeks ago, and now im having to take it out because it is holding me back from tumbling, because it will most likely rip out. if you tumble, DO NOT get your belly pierced, i learned the hard way, and there is a scar that stays there forever. i cant even go into a backbend yet. plus, no matter how much it heals, it will always hurt a bit bc thats always going to be an object going against your skin, THAT HURTS!