Do tomboy girls spit

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2009-11-09 21:40:45

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It depends on whether their gross or not, lol just kidding. Somer girls do but other girls don't, it also depends on how feminine the tomboy is. Others are more feminine, other are more masculine.

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2009-11-09 21:40:45
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Q: Do tomboy girls spit
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Why girls spit on your penis when sucking it?

Just more pleasure.

Do guys like tomboy girls?

It all depends on the guy himself, everyone has different opinions, but most guys like girly girls.

If your a tomboy are you gay?

no ur a lesbian You are not necessarily either one; you can be a tomboy and still be straight. Being a tomboy just means that you don't like girly things or you likehangingout with boys more than girls. Most tomboys that I know, or have read, or heard about usually get married to a man, but not always; sometimes they stay single.

What causes a girl to become tomboy?

What causes a girl to be a tomboy you ask? Well, I don't know where to start. First of all, I am a tomboy and nothing is wrong with being a tomboy. Lots of girls are tomboys and it is fun to be one. But all girls who are tomboys act as different kind of tomboys anyway. Tomboy do more of sporty things and the whole point of a tomboy is that you are more like a (key word) BOY! Now what causes this? You might live in an all boys community or household. It also could be the life of growing up. There a lot of different things of being a tomboy.It can also be caused by the decision's of just not likeing the girl style of things. When i was little, no girl liked footy or Yu-Gi-Oh cards. So i hung out with the boys more and have ever since. yo so if your tomboy don't be afraid to ammit it

What is a self-confessed tomboy?

Some one like me who'd call themselves a tomboy. Some people would say no if anyone asked if they were a tomboy which is stupid. Tomboys rule! If you're a tomboy, so be it, it's nothing to be ashamed of. I love being a tomboy! - K@tie :-D

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