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It really depends on the guy.

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Preferences vary among individuals, but some teenage guys may prefer more outgoing or talkative girls, while others may prefer quieter or more reserved personalities. It ultimately depends on personal preferences and compatibility between individuals. It's important to be yourself and find someone who appreciates you for who you are.

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Q: Do teenage guys like loud or quiet girls?
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Do girls like quiet guys?

Some do. It depends on the girl.

Do Chinese teenage girls like American teenage emo guys?

Kind of like asking do black guys like white women, it depends on alot of things man.

Do teenage guys actually like bigger girls?

It depends on the guy. If he likes big girls, he likes big girls. If he like small girls, he likes small girls

Do teenage guys like slightly overweight teenage girls idon't mean like super overweight but like fat enough that i wouldn't look that good in a bikini i am 14 and i had a flat tummy but bigger thighs?

Answer:Yes! guys like slightly thicker girls, be proud of your curves.

Do guys like loud or quiet girls?

Preferences vary among individuals. Some guys may prefer outgoing and talkative girls, while others may prefer more reserved and quiet personalities. It's important to be authentic and true to yourself.

Do boys like quiet and nice girls?

Some guys like quite, nice girls but others don't. It all depends on the guy

Why do girls hate quiet guys?

Not all girls hate quiet guys (some girls find quiet guys creepy and some find them mysterious), but MOST girls love talking so they like talkative guys who will talk at length with them. Although if you're a quiet guy don't change yourself for someone. Wait for the girl who will accept you for who you are. Hey I'm a girl and I only like quiet guys! I think it is THE cutest thing, besides the only possible attribute cuter than quietness, which is how sweet/respectful/kind you are. To me, quiet guys tend to come across as much more mature, calm, secure, and peaceful and much less time-wasting, etc etc.

Do teenage guys like shy girls or girls that are more loud and act dumb?

It really really depends on the type of guy.

Do some teenage girls dance with guys they like only for their good looks?

Yes. Some girls do. But some girls don't. It all depends on the girl.

What should teenage girls wear with grey ash toms?

Me being one of these teenage girls . You me being one of these teenage girls,you guys should usually wear like similar colors or if your going for something to go out with just wear what goes or what you think goes . Be unique :))

Where do teenage girls like to hangout with guys?

The Mall. The Movies. Just hang around the town. For me and my friends, we personally like skateboarding and the mall. By the way, Most of my friends are guys. (:

How should girls acted when datina g uy?

Girls when u are dating a guy you need to have manners. Yes you can laugh and show your natural self but dnt do it to the point were he won't like you anymore. Some guys like neat freaks, some guys like loud girls, and some guys like quiet girls. Just remeber manners is the key.