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Usually girls who are talkative but not loud and annoying or quiet and shy. sort of in the middle between loud and quiet.

okay cuz im very talkitive and alittle loud......

it depends on the guy. some like girls that are loud other like girls that are quiet.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-23 16:03:58
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Q: Do guys like loud or quiet girls?
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Do teenage guys like loud or quiet girls?

It really depends on the guy.

How should girls acted when datina g uy?

Girls when u are dating a guy you need to have manners. Yes you can laugh and show your natural self but dnt do it to the point were he won't like you anymore. Some guys like neat freaks, some guys like loud girls, and some guys like quiet girls. Just remeber manners is the key.

Do guys like loud or shy girls more?

It depends on the guy.

Why would girls like the quiet boys?

Because theyre not as annoying as the loud ones

Does girls like hyperactive-funny-loud guys?

Well it depends if the type of girl! If she is hyper-funny-Loud,than she will most likely be atraccted to him.but if she vb is a quiet/shy girl than more than likely not!

Why do girls cry more than guys?

because girls are more emotional than guys are, but some guys cry to they just hide it with other things like listen to loud music or something like that.

Do teenage guys like shy girls or girls that are more loud and act dumb?

It really really depends on the type of guy.

Do guys like shy girls or girls who are more loud and act dumb?

every guy is different. I prefer shy girls but I'm more shy myself. If he is loud and dumb he probably likes girls that are load and dumb.

Do girls like nice guys or just mean loud obnoxious ones?

That really depends on the personality of the girl.

How guys act when they like you?

if they are quiet they would star at u if they are not that quiet or if they are loud they would talk to u more than normanly and it dosnt matter what they say if they hate or love u. hope this helpsxx

Is the flute loud or quiet?


Does the guy you like like you if he talks about you to his friends even girls and always gets you attention by something like being loud but becomes quiet and stares at you when you notice him?

Very much likely.

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