Do tattoos behind the ear hurt?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Mine didn't.

I have one on the back of my neck and two really large tattoos around my forearms... the one behind the ear hurt the least.

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Q: Do tattoos behind the ear hurt?
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What places on your body does tattoos hurt the most?

right behind your ear or near your navel.

Do tattoos in the cartilage area of the ear hurt?

yes because that is the hard part of the ear and besides you are not suppose to have tattoos anyway.

What does star tattoos behind the ear mean?

nothing its just cute

Do tattoos behind ear cause headaches?

There is no evidence to support such a ridiculous assumption.

Do black light tattoos hurt worse then regular tattoos?

NO. Tattoos hurt because of the needle guns that puncture the skin to leave ink behind. Black light tattoos do not hurt anymore or less than regular tattoos. Their ink is what glows in black light, and it is very similar to regular ink.

Where is Demi Lovato's tattoo located?

Demi Lovato has multiple tattoos -- she has tattoos on both of her wrists, on the right side of her ribcage, and behind her left ear.

How do you care for a behind the ear tattoo?

Tattoos, of whatever location, do not actually require maintenance. The above is not true. You should care for a tattoo behind the ear like you would any other tattoo.

Hard lump behind your right ear but its behind your ear not on your ear its been there for about 2 months now hasn't grown and doesn't hurt its really hard like bone?

its a cyst.

You Fell down the stairs and hurt behind your ear what do you do o?

Call a doctor.

Do Hannah tattoos hurt?

hennah does not hurt

Do sternum tattoos hurt?

Yes, it was probably the worst spot to get tattooed. Personally, it hurt more than my ribs, top of my foot, and behind my knee. Then again, everyone's pain tolerance is different. Regardless, yes, sternum tattoos are definitely painful.

Do upper back tattoos hurt?

All tattoos are painful.