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A nose piercing can make your nose stand out.

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Q: Do nose piercings attract attention to your nose?
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Is there a religion that uses nose piercings?

Yes, in some cultures, nose piercings can be a symbol of spirituality or religious significance. For example, in Hinduism, nose piercings are believed to enhance a woman's beauty and signify marriage. In certain tribal societies, nose piercings can also have spiritual meanings or be part of religious rituals.

Can you have nose piercings in the NAVY?

No not at all.

What are the correct names of nose piercings?

there are 3 different types of nose piercings. a nostril piercing, septum piercing (through the septum of your nose), and bridge piercing (placed on the upper bridge of your nose)

How many piercings does Johnny Christ have?

Johnny Christ has 2 piercings. His ears and his nose.

Are nose piercings emo?

No that is defiantly not emo! ;)

Do nose piercings look nice on a small nose?

yes they do, well to me they do (: <3

What different types of nose piercings are available?

There are six types of nose piercings available. The most basic is the nostril (also called the "ala") piercing, but there is also the septum (also called the "bull nose"), bridge, nasallang, high nostril and vertical nose tip (also called a "rhino") piercings.

Can you give me a moral reason against belly piercing?

People believe they attract unwanted attention, if you show it off the wrong way can give you a bad image.Bad piercings can give you infections

Why Indian ladies have piercing on their nose?

Because in India its traditional for the ladies to have nose piercings

Do nose piercings look weird if theres a freckle on the nose?

No they look just fine.

What piercings does David Schmitt of Breathe Carolina have?


Are nose piercings safe?

Im 13 and i have my nose pierced and i have had no problems so i say its safe