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Q: What piercings does David Schmitt of Breathe Carolina have?
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Who is david schmitt's girlfriend from breathe carolina?

lynzie blair

Breathe Carolina band mates name?

The band mates of Breathe Carolina is David Schmitt, Kyle Even

When was david schmitt from breathe Carolina born?

march 25, 1988

What religion is David Schmitt from breathe Carolina?

I think he is a christian but I'm not sure :)

How old is David Schmitt from Breathe Carolina?

Dave Schmitt was born March 26, 1988 and was 23 on his birthday in 2011.

Does Dave from breathe Carolina single?

There is no one in Breathe Carolina named Dave. You're probably thinking of David (Schmitt) and he most likely does have a girlfriend.

Who is the lead singer of breathe Carolina?

David Schmitt is the one with brown hair and he does sing mostly Kyle Even is the blonde one and he screams

What is the names of the people in breathe Carolina?

The two main members of Breathe Carolina are Kyle Even and David Schmitt. Other members of Breathe Carolina are: Eric Armenta- drums Joshua Andrew- guitars, synth, keys, backing vocals Luis Bonet- synth, keys, programming Though those are only live members.

How old are the guys from the band Breathe Carolina?

I'm almost positive that David Schmitt is 20, and Kyle Evens is 21. Not 100% sure though. i read it somewhere. I'm almost positive that David Schmitt is 20, and Kyle Evens is 21. Not 100% sure though. i read it somewhere.

Does david from breathe Carolina have a girlfriend?


Who are the members of Breathe Carolina?

david scmitt and kyle evens

Is david from breathe Carolina gay?

No this what I've heard from other people

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