Do irregular periods mean infertility

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While irregular periods could be a symptom of infertility, it does not mean one will definitely not be able to become pregnant. Irregular periods could be symptoms of many other conditions or could be normal in some cases.

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Q: Do irregular periods mean infertility
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Can you have children if your periods are irregular?

Yes - thin periods are not an indicator of infertility, however if you are underwieght that will make conception difficult

What does it mean to have two periods in one month?

It means that your periods are irregular.

What does it mean if you stay on your period for two weeks?

irregular periods or hormonal imbalance.

Does having irregular periods and havet to take hormone pills or birth control to start it mean you cant have children?

No. If you get periods, you can get pregnant.

Can you predict irregular periods?

No, that's why they are called irregular. O.O

Can you get cancer from irregular periods?

u can't get cancer from irregular periods but irregular periods can be a sign u hav cancer (in the rarest cases). it doesn't matter if u hav regular or irregular periods unless u aren't prepared wen u actually hav it.

What can it mean if a fifteen year old has skipped her period?

Either she has irregular periods - or she's pregnant !

Can deviry 10mg be used for irregular periods?

My doctor gave me this for the same (irregular periods) and I was having a cyst in my left overy.

Do teenagers have irregular periods?


My daughter just started her periods and has been irregular Is this normal?

Yes! they can be irregular up until her twentys, many women have irregular periods to start with and it is perfectly normal.

What are the side effects of stopping your periods with progesterone?

Infertility - Not getting pregnant.

Why is it hard to get pregnant with irregular periods?

because you have to have periods to ovulate, and with them being irregular, im sure it would be a lot more difficult.

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