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no, well most guys dont, normally cos it wats guys calls girls but personally i never call someone baby or babe

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Q: Do guys like it when girls call them babe or baby?
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What are some names guys call then girl friend?

Baby, sweetie, cutie, sexy..etc. my personal fav is babe(; it makes girls feel personal and safe and loved.

What are some cute and flirty names guys call girls?

baby, babe, sexy, boo(thts my favoritee♥), angel, my life, pumpkin, and you can make up your own.

Why would a guy call you babe if you are not dating?

Sometimes guys will call a girl "babe" or "baby" either A. because they like you etc. or B. it makes them feel more masculine or cool.

Do guys call girls babe?

Some guys may call girls "babe" as a term of endearment or affection, but this can vary based on cultural norms and individual preferences. It's important to communicate and establish boundaries in any relationship to ensure both parties are comfortable with terms of endearment.

Why do guys call girls bae when they text?

if you mean babe it's probably because the guy thinks he already has the girl, like he's a tool.

Do guys call any girl baby or only ones they are interested in For example see you soon baby?

well my opion about this question is that guys calls the girls "baby" because eighter they have interest on them or they are very attractive... but in some cases it depends guys have a girls that are they re best friends yes. If I was called "baby" I would take it as an invitation glad to help! Have a good day! A lot of guys call girls sweet names like baby so they dont mix up their names or worry about remembering who is who.

Why do guys call girls baby and say they love them?

Good question. In opinon it's because they love and care for them as they would a baby or small child. (Then again, you don't see too many guys call their ladies "Small Child")

Do girls have a bigger waist than guys?

of course. how else would tthey have a babe?

What do girls mean to guys?

guys want to have sex with them and have baby's DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Do girls call guys?


What do you call a girls' gay male friend?

You can call them "dude" because that for girls and guys!

Why do boys call girls chicks?

I don't know. I'm a girl, but I don't do that. Especially with every guy I see. I reckon they just get the kicks out of doing it all the time, or maybe it just makes them seem "cooler" doing that.