Do guys like a shaved girl?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Many guys prefer that girls have hair on one place only: their head.

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Q: Do guys like a shaved girl?
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Do girls like a man shaved or not?

Well Girls like it Shaved And Guys like Girls Shaved but There is no Medical Reason for a Person to Shave it unless they Are Directed to.

Do guys like it when a girl shaves their vagina?

Most guys do, but some like them hairy and a few don't mind one way or the other. I do think that most guys do prefer them shaved.

Hey guys what do you think shaved bikini area or not?

yeah i like it shaved.

Do girls like guys that are clean shaved down there?

Some girls like guys that are clean shaved down there while others don't care.

Do chicks Pefer guys that have a shaved body?

I'm a girl And personally I don't like it when guys are like hairy mamoths. Personal opinion but it's gross! I'm not hairy as a for either

Guys-would you rather your girl shave down there or does it really matter a lot to guys?

Depends on the guy. I like my wife shaved, because for me its better to "go down" on a shaved girl. I also like it when she does the Brazilian thing and leaves a thin strip. That's just me. Its one of those things that varies from guy to guy.

Do girls like shaved guys?

Most do but some don't !

Does guys like girls vagainas hairy or shaved?

It varies. different guys hvae different preferneces. Its nice to see that the carpet matches the drapes but its also nice to have it shaved for if you want us to eat you out.

Do girls like guys with hairy legs?

It depends on the girl. For me hairy legs are a turn on. I know girls who couldn't care less, whether the guy shaved his legs or not. A guy at my school shaved his legs and I know that all of my friends were grossed out by it so... Hope I helped.

What does in mean When a girl puts her hand on the guys leg?

it means 'feel my leg I've just shaved'

Do girls prefer the hairy cock or shaved cock?

Well it depends on the girl.... but i do believe most like shaved

Do guys not like girls with hairy legs?

It depends on the guy's preference, but most prefer shaved/waxed