Do girls like to smell boys butt?

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Q: Do girls like to smell boys butt?
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Why do boys like to smell girls feet sweat?

I don't know, but I like do smell another place of the girls.

What does a girl's butt hole smell like?

a girls bootyhole smells like dookie.

Why do boys kick girls in the butt?

girls that are on here... guys kick girls in the butt because they either like you or something... thats all i know

What is the reasons that boys like girls?

Sometimes boys like girls for the wrong reasons, like their boobs, butt, Or just there looks. But some guys like girls for there personality and what is on the inside <3

How does a girls butt smell?

well honestly, i have never smelled smelled a girls butt. but if i were to take a guess i would say it smelled like s****

What do girls do to make guys like them?

Some girls show off what they have like butt and boobs but its dumb but alot of boys like it

Why do boys like girls that look like a pencil only?

Because guys are shallow butt-holes

Why do guys care about how big a girls butt is?

Boys like girls big butts because they like to put there stick up the girls hole.

Why do some boys like to smell boys and girls big feet?

It depends on what they prefer, they could like the odd smell to feet, or the possible dusty sting of the odor, basically they like the smell or the act of smelling peoples feet.

Why do young boys like to smell girls' feet?

i have never seen a young boy smell a girls feet. or be attracted to girls feet unless the toes on her are painted a bright color

Who smells more girls or boys?

Actually, if you really want to know the truth on who literally smells more (like people who have a different smell than usual), then it is actually girls, since most girls use perfume, which gives them a distinctive smell, which is what makes them smell. Boys of course!!!!!!

Do girls like forcing boys to smell their feet?

Not to the best my knowledge. There may be exceptions to this, however.

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