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It depends on what they prefer, they could like the odd smell to feet, or the possible dusty sting of the odor, basically they like the smell or the act of smelling peoples feet.

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Q: Why do some boys like to smell boys and girls big feet?
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Why do boys like to smell girls feet sweat?

I don't know, but I like do smell another place of the girls.

You like to smell mens feet and armpits does that mean your gay?

If u like girls also no,but if u like boys and their feet yes..

Why do boys like smell girls feet?

Because some have a fetish,and some have disgust. Which I have disgust.

Why do boys like to smell girls feet?

Because some have a fetish,and some have disgust. Which I have disgust.

Why do you like the smell of girls feet?

It turns me on

What does girls feet smell like?

Depends on the girl.

Why do boys like to smell woman's feet?

because it is foot fetish so if there is a woman that needs me to smell her feet let me know

What do girls feet taste like?

Handsome guys feet smell and taste better!!

Are girls like 5 feet 10 inch boy?

5 feet 10 inch girls are like 5 feet 10 inch boys... only, girlier.

What are romantic things a girl loves?

a girl likes to be alone with a guy, nice girls like nice guys that smell great why bad girls like boys that break the rules, girls like flowers and boys that brush there teeth

What do shoes smell like?

If they are new, they smell like leather or whatever they are made of. After they are worn, they smell like feet. Usually girls wearing high heels/flats on bare feet smell bad because they aren't wearing any socks nor nylons.

Do white girls feet smell?

I've actually smelled a pretty hot white girl's feet and omg yes, they do smell. She happened to be in her gym shoes. She does not smell herself and her feet don't smell up a big room. But up close, her feet smell very floral/pollen like. White girl must have pampered her feet and use essence lotions(like most white girls) to make it smell like pollen and rosy, but mixed with the smelly vinegar type smell. I wouldn't say it stinked, but it sure was very interesting.