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That depends on the girl. Some girls dont because they feel like its inappropriate, honestly i do like it. Not alot of if but the occasional hug, touching her hand a little, or having your knees touch each others.

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Q: Do girls like physical attention from guys?
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Why do guys ignore girls when they find out they like them?

no,not at all.becoz when girls ignore boys,they feel that they are not interested in them.

What do guys like to tickle girls so much?

So they can get her attention

Why do emo guys kiss?

Emo guys like to kiss to get the attention of emo girls normally, the exploitation of this activity turns on emo girls, just like how some girls ACT bi...cuz guys like to watch them, same with emo guys

Why do guys bother girls when they like them?

The reason many guys bother girls that they like is just like how many girls bother guys they like.They are usually embarrassed to say that they like someone, so they try being overly friendly, in hopes that the person of their attention will like them back.

What are the two physical things that guys like girls for?

sex and something else

How come guys look at you as if shy but around other girls they annoy them to get attention?

he may like you :)

Does guys pay attention to girls they don't like?

well sort of. ask an actual dating site

Why do college girls bully college guys by telling them that they act like kids even though the guys did nothing to them?

they are probably doing it to get your attention, unless you do act like little kids and the girls find you really annoying.

Are you a lesbian if you are not actually sexually attracted to girls but think they are sexy and superior to guys but also like guys and enjoy attention from them?

No, You aren't a lesbian, but you are probably bisexual.

What do girls like about guys?

Girls like being treated well by guys. They also like guys that don't wear too much cologne. They like their eyes and eyebrows. Massive abs and muscles aren't necessary but but a lean body is nice. And if he winks at you and calls you beautiful and hot and only pays attention to you.

Why do girls dress like sluts?

Because they want attention from guys. And they think it's attractive. If they say otherwise, they are lying.