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depends on who is asking and where.

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Q: Do girls like it when you ask them for a hug?
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How do you get girls to hug you?

ask them

Do boys like to hug girls?


Do girls like it when you hug them?

Yeah! Girls love it when they get a romantic hug, long and quiet. It gives us a feeling of comfort.

Should you ask this girl you like for a hug the next time you see her?

yes of course you should...girls always love hugs silly!

How do you get a boy you really like to hug you?

just ask him :)! i asked my crush for hug, and now we hug everyday :D! we still hug after i told him i liked him ;O! dont be shy, just ask :)

Do girls hug guys they like?

(I'm a girl) If you like a girl and you think she likes you, ask her out. Girls like guys to be men and take charge. Hug her! I promise, girls love it when the guy they like hugs them. (ANOTHER FEMALE ANSWER) OK DUDE I HUG EVERYONE ITS NOT THAT SPECIAL YOU'VE PROBABLY HUGGED YOUR MOM ITS NOT SPECIAL AND ITS REAL OBVIOUS YOU LIKE HER ( im a dude) I usually would say hell yeah but I don't know now. It depends if she leans on you when they hug you. I think I would say girls do hug guys they like, cause I'm a girl and I hug a guy I like EVERYDAY!!!! Literally, and I hug him for like 10 seconds, then he lets go and I'm still hugging him, so he hugs me again and he lets go and I'm still hugging him... i think he gets tired of that... Anyway he is my boyfriend so I don't know. I think I hug him way to long.

Do girls like cute autistic guys?

yes and they like to hug them too

Do girls like it when guys hug them from behind?

They LOVE it!!!!!!!!! All girls dream about that hep pending to them!!!

Do Joe and Nick Jonas like to hug girls?

They have been known to hug female acquaintances. They probably hug their niece, Kevin's daughter Alexa.

Do girls like a big hug or small?

small way cuter

Do most girls prefer a loving hug or a kiss?

I think a loving hug is preferred but if it's a sweet kiss on the check or neck, us girls like that too...

Do 6th grade girls hug guy that they like?

Not always, but most of the time. if its a playful short hug... then its a friendly hug! and they r just friends! but if its a long emotional hug with a surprised look or comport look on her face, then its a like hug. she really likes him... :)

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