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Q: Do girls like guys seeing their breasts?
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Why guys like to suck girls breasts?

besause guys dont have brests . guys like beauty and 30% beauty of girls is of her brest

Do people like large breasts?

Some guys and girls do.

Why do guys only like girls with big breasts?

that's not true

What is strip sex?

Strip sex is where the two who are having sex get naked because they like it. Guys like seeing girls boobs and butts, and usually girls like seeing guys penis and their butts.

Do guys like girls with long breasts or round breasts?

I reckon they all have different preferences. If all guys liked one type, then wouldn't all the taken girls look the same?

Do girls like guys seeing up there skirts? you pervert. Girls prefer guys who actually know how to use grammar.

Why do guys like it when girls make out with each other?

Because some guys see girls as sexual toys and seeing girls make out with each other and doing things that guys like done to them, excites them more.

Why do girls look hotter than guys?

girls or women have more "curves" like out breasts and our butts ;) things you can define, where as guys have their upper bodies. plus girls wear make-up which defines our facial features

Do girls like guys looking at their body?

depends on the girl and where you're looking. most girls like guys who look into their eyes or at their face, but they dont like guys looking at their chest/breasts, butt, and sometimes hips or stomach. but like i said, it depends on what kind of girl it is, but girls don't necessarily liked being looked at by their "body".

Why dont guys have breasts?

Because its just like saying why do guys have penuses we all have them for a reason! so girls have them so guys dont need them because girls have them!

Why do guys like Jersey Shore?

They like it because it entertaining and funny. They also like the girls wearing short, tight dresses and tops that show their breasts.

For guys Do you actually like being a gentleman seeing as how this woos most girls?

Girls sometimes fall for gentle men. so if the fall it pays to be.