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I'm gonna make an assumption that most guys enjoy doing any activity naked with girls? Swimming just feels nice..... especially with a girl

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Yes, they do

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Q: Why do guys like skinny dipping with girls?
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Do girls like built or skinny guys?

I'm hoping for skinny guys

Do fat girls like to sqeeze skinny guys?

Some do, some don't. I've seen skinny girls squeeze skinny guys. But probably, if they were significant others.

Why do guys not like skinny girls and avoid them like mad?

I don't think that's really true, but if it is, Guys look for girls like them, so if you're skinny and he's fat, You might not be the best couple...

Why do girls want to be like models?

Models are pretty, skinny, and get the guys.

Why is it that guys like skinny girls over chubby girls Is it just to show her off to ther friends?

Seems like they only want the skinny girls to show off.

Do skinny guys find fat girls attractive?

The answer to your question solely depends on the interests of that person. I'm sure there are skinny guys that like fat girls and I'm sure there are fat guys who like skinny girls. There is no way of telling what someone's true interests are unless you ask them. You can't be too quick to judge.

Why is being skinny the only way to get a boyfriend or guys to even speak to you?

Because we like fit or skinny girls

Why do guys like models?

well they like them because they are super pretty, and super skinny, and that's what some guys look for in girls. But i don't understand why girls gots to be so skinny, its gross they need meat on them. haha

Do guys like girls with a slight build?

Not all girls like men with a slight built. Some girls like skinny guys while some others like big guys. Girls have different tastes in men as men do in girls. Girls r hot XD

Do men prefer skinny or curvy women?

It is entirely a matter of preference. Many men prefer thinner women; many men prefer curvy women.

Do boys like skinny or hour glass shapped girls?

I reckon guys like hour glass shapped girls because they have more booty and skinny chicks are just boring

Why are girls always so worried about being skinny?

Because that is the what the majority of men like. most girls look at other girls who are skinny and think " i want to be like that" but the problem is that the skinny girls do this and they think the skinny person there compareing themself to is skinnyer than them, no matter how much weight they loose they still tend to think this . they think that bacause all the guys like her and they need to be like that in order for guys to like them!! but that's not true. they get so presured buy magazines an t.v because guys are always comenting on whos hott in them they want to be like that.