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Some people ask this because anal sex is associated with gay men and when you defecate in comes out of the anus. This is the male equivalent of the question women get, "Do tampons fulfill you sexually?" or other variants. Defecation is rarely considered a sexual act, for most people it is just something that comes with being alive and unless they have some gastro-intestinal issue it is not very memorable. For a few people defecation and its related waste products are very sexual and some of them may orgasm when they defecate. But, that is more about personal fetish than gender or sexual orientation. And for the record, no tampons are not like little absorbant dildoes. They are a small hassle, but many women prefer them for the convience, comfort and cleanliness they provide. Sexual orientation has little to do with it. A male of ANY age may get an erection when having a bowel movement. Usually, it happens when the BM is large and firm. It passes by the prostate gland, which is an area of arousal. Many boys and men even get a slight erection when a doctor performs a rectal exam (they insert their finger and feel for abnormalities.) Poor kids are mortified, especially if their doctor is female. ANY stimulation to the rectum can cause erection, it has nothing to do with who or where. Things "pop up" at the most inopportune times. Such is life!!!

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Q: Do gay men get aroused when they defecate?
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