Do free apps cost money

Updated: 9/28/2023
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No; that's why they are called "free" apps.

Some are truly free. Some use ads to cover the cost of the app. If you want to get rid of the ads, you have to pay for an "upgrade". And some apps cost money and do not have a free version.

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Q: Do free apps cost money
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Can you get iPhone apps that cost money for free?


Do iPod apps cost money when buying a second time after deleting it?

Some iPod apps cost money, others are free. Apps should be free the second time even if you do delete it.

Does free apps cost money on itunes?


Do the apps for ipod touch cost anything?

some apps are free (a lot are) some app cost money.

Does it cost to download free apps on your iPhone?

No, free apps don't cost anything, except for in-game purchasable content for real-world money.

Are the facebook apps free?

The only place i know to get apps for the ipod is iTunes and that cost's money

Are all cydia apps free?

No. Most are free, but there are definitely some that cost money.

Does it cost money to download apps on the ipod touch?

Certain apps cost money to buy, certain apps are completely free. The download itself is free, but the actual app may cost or not cost depending on the app.

Is everything in Cydia free?

No. The majority of apps on there are free but there are some from top developers that cost money.

Do ipod touch apps cost money?

They do and they don't cost money. There is a free app section in iTunes and the App Store where you can download apps free of charge. There is also a Paid-for app section where you have go pay to get the app.

Do you have to pay for making an account on app store?

No, but buying Paid apps cost money. Making the account is free

Does app on the iPhone cost extra?

Some apps are free some cost money, depends on the app.