Do flour and water stop period?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Do flour and water stop period?
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How much flour and water do you drink to stop your period?

Drinking flour and water will only create dough in your stomach. It will not stop your period. You have periods because your body has hormones and because your body prepares itself each month for the possible conception of a baby. Nothing you eat or drink will change that.

What can you do to stop your period for a day or two?

battered flour in a cup== drink to have good time with your partner

Does drinking flour water help stop diarrhea?

no, a good way to stop diarrhea is to eat salty foods and salt-water.

Does not drinking water stop your period?

No. Drinking water does not stop your period, but, you can delay your period by being really active for a day. This will delay your period for about 3 days or so.

Can water melons stop your period?


Does drinking flour and water make it hard for you to get pregnant?

No. Drinking flour and water will only create dough in your stomach, and will not affect your period or probability for pregnancy in any way.

Can you stop period for a few hours?

sit in a tub of warm water from three hours and it would stop our period for a while!

Does a girls period stop when shes in water?

No it continues...

Does a flower grow faster when you put baking flour in the soil?

of course not because when the soil absorbs its water the roots would have flour on them so it would stop taking nutrients and absorb water duhhh

What is the Difference between adding flour to cold water and hot water to flour?

Flour to cold water will just float on top, hot water to flour will cook the flour.

The water soaks into the flour but the level of flour does not rise why not?

The water is compacting the flour.

Does sea water stop your period?

Yes. The salt clogs your cervix.