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Cigars have no added chemicals like cigarettes.

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Q: Do cigar tobacco have the same chemicals a cigarettes?
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If you smoke a cigar is it the same as 10 cigarettes?

There might be 4 times the tobacco. 4 cigarettes are worse for you than 1 cigar. Most people don't inhale cigar or pipe smoke, so it drastically decreases the chances of cancer of the lungs or throat, especially if it's only 1 cigar.

Is tobacco and cigarettes the same?

Tobacco is the pure form of what is found in cigarettes but in cigarettes they add chemicals like nicotine which is an addictive chemical that was used as an insecticide in the past. acetone- nail polish, hydrogen cyanide- used during the holocaust in gas chambers, arsenic- rat poison, formaldehyde- preserving bodies, ammonia-a cleaning solution and carcinogenic or cancer causing chemicals are all found in cigarettes .So,the answer is no.

Are smokeless tobacco and cigarettes the same?


What are the effects of menthol in cigarettes?

All the chemicals of any other tobacco product; they have the same addictiveness

Is it bad for girls health to smoke cigar?

Cigars are bad for everyone's health. Cigars contain tobacco just like cigarettes and would result in the same negative health effects albeit at a slower rate.

Can you use cigar tobacco in cigarettes?

Yes; many marijuana smokers choose to mix tobacco in with their joint for various reasons.

What is the addictive drugs in tobacco?

The main addictive drug in tobacco is nicotine. Though many people who switch to Nicotine Replacement Therapy (such as Personal Vaporizers (E-Cigarettes), Gum, and Nicotine Patches often find that they do not get the same feeling as with cigarettes. There are many chemicals in cigarettes that give you the rush and relaxation of smoking a cigarette, but nicotine is proven to be the most addictive.

Do different brands of cigarettes contain variant levels of cancer causing agents or are they all equally unhealthy?

There is really no way to remove the cancer causing agents from tobacco and still have tobacco. They are all generally the same when it comes to the chemicals they contain.

What are the ingredients in black and mild cigars?

Tobacco and more tobacco ---- A typical cigar is made up of three parts; the filler, binder and wrapper. The filler is bunched up tobacco that fills the cigar. The binder tobacco is wrapped around the filler to keep it nice and compact. The wrapper goes on as the final layer. The nicest look tobacco leaves are selected for the wrapper. You can tell a lot about a cigar and a cigar company by the look and construction of the cigar. Sometimes a manufacturer will use different tobaccos from around the whole to construct a single cigar.

What is the differences between cigarette cigar tobacco?

A cigar is a tight roll of cured tobacco leaves. A cigarette is a small roll of finely cut tobacco wrapped in a thin piece of treated paper. well to be honest ciggarets there too small and they dont taste good but in health cigars are worse

Does pipe tobacco contain less added toxins than cigararettes?

No, pipe tobacco contains the same amount of toxins as any regular cigarette. Like light cigarettes, the amount of toxins and harmful substances are exactly the same, contrary to what some tobacco companies may want you to believe. Tobacco is a plant. It is used in pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, and cigars. Also, all of these have tar in it. The only difference is that one is chewed and one is smoked. Both have the same harmful contents that cause the same harmful effects (which can lead up to cancer, respiratory problems, and even death). There is no difference between pipe tobacco and regular cigarettes because cigarettes HAVE tobacco in them. the toxins in cigarette can be divided to 2 groups, one is the natural component that are in the tobacco plant, that al-thaw mostly are harmless, when burned do become toxic. one of those is Tar. the other group are chemicals added by the tobacco industry to cigarets for various reasons. main ones are to allow better burn of the cigarette and prevent it from extinguishing. and another group are chemicals added to enhance the absorption of some of the addictive toxins like nicotine for the sole purpose of hooking the consumer. Pipe tobacco have none of the burning enhancing chemicals, and as result is much more difficult to smoke and keep alight, and there are no chemicals for the addictive propose because pipe smokers generally do no inhale the smoke and there for generally avoid the nicotine kick and the addiction. so for the most part pipe tobacco is in the natural form and somewhat safer, thaw not intended for deep inhaling

What does a black cigar do to you?

The same thing any other color of cigar does. The black cigars are called "oscuro." They get their color from many years of fermenting the wrapper tobacco.