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Yes; many marijuana smokers choose to mix tobacco in with their joint for various reasons.

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I would say probably not because weed isn't addictive unless you do it everyday then a dependency could be created but cigarettes are addictive so go with the weed man TOKE IT UP (":

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If you are asking whether or not tobacco can be rolled in the same way a joint often is then the answer is an obvious yes. Any organic substance is easily made into a "joint".

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Tobacco is tobacco.

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Q: Can you use cigar tobacco in cigarettes?
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Do cigar tobacco have the same chemicals a cigarettes?

Cigars have no added chemicals like cigarettes.

How much nicotine is in a primetime cigar?

Yes they do. You will find it in all tobacco products.

If you smoke a cigar is it the same as 10 cigarettes?

There might be 4 times the tobacco. 4 cigarettes are worse for you than 1 cigar. Most people don't inhale cigar or pipe smoke, so it drastically decreases the chances of cancer of the lungs or throat, especially if it's only 1 cigar.

What do they wrap cigars in?

Cigars are wrapped in and composed of pressed Tobacco leaves. Inside a cigar is chopped tobacco leaves, the outside that holds the tobacco together is one or more leaves, depending on the size of the cigar. Some cheaper cigars or "flavored cigars" which are the size of cigarettes are just wrapped in a brown, rough paper to simulate tobacco leaves. ---- The "wrapper" leaf is a single tobacco leaf that is used to hold the cigar together and to give it a finished look.

What is in a cigar?


Is tobacco worst then cigarettes?

Your an idiot tobacco is what is in cigarettes

How can smoking tobacco affect your health?

Despite health issues with cigarettes and cigars, cigarettes contains only 5% of natural tobacco, the rest of them are artificial substances added. Premium cigars are made 100% with natural tobacco, nothing added except all the work behind them. Smoking cigarettes is usually linked to nervous and anxiety, but smoking a cigar should be a relaxing experience. People who are walking on the streets smoking a premium cigar are really amateurs and they do not know for sure how to properly "enjoy" a cigar. Cigars are usually smoked along with a nice beverage, such a good whiskey, cognac, brandy, Ron or a good coffee or even a cup of tea.

What is the differences between cigarette cigar tobacco?

A cigar is a tight roll of cured tobacco leaves. A cigarette is a small roll of finely cut tobacco wrapped in a thin piece of treated paper. well to be honest ciggarets there too small and they dont taste good but in health cigars are worse

What are the ingredients in black and mild cigars?

Tobacco and more tobacco ---- A typical cigar is made up of three parts; the filler, binder and wrapper. The filler is bunched up tobacco that fills the cigar. The binder tobacco is wrapped around the filler to keep it nice and compact. The wrapper goes on as the final layer. The nicest look tobacco leaves are selected for the wrapper. You can tell a lot about a cigar and a cigar company by the look and construction of the cigar. Sometimes a manufacturer will use different tobaccos from around the whole to construct a single cigar.

What are in cigarettes and what are they from?

Tobacco is in cigarettes and it comes from dried leaves of the tobacco plant.

Are cigar leaves made of tobacco?

Tobacco leaves, yes they are.

Is cannabis in cigarettes?

No. tobacco is in cigarettes.