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very cute..i fancy them

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Q: Do boys think it's cute when girls blush?
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What does it mean if many university girls blush dark red with only you?

That means that they like you or think you are cute

Do boys annoy girls when they think they are hot and cute?


What does it mean if 7 university girls blush dark red with only you if you're a university guy?

They think your cute

How cute can a boy be?

A boy can be as cute as you think the boy is because all girls have different taste in boys:)

Do girls think that boys penis is cute?

Um that is one weird question

Why do boys only date the cute girls?

boys only date cute girls because they think that they are interesting for them. wants to get to know each other, have a great time. they think they are so beautiful!! and no blondies arn't the only cute ones. god bless u

What makes us blush?

BOYS glorious boys they are so cute that when they even say hi to you turn red as it is a immediate reaction due to either embarrassment or happiness! (or girls it depends HEHE ! )

Is Mesprint scary?

Well, it is actually a matter of opinion. Many girls and some boys may think it is cute others may say it is ugly or not cute. I think it is cute but not that cute.

What does it mean if many of your friends who are girls blush dark red with only you if you are a guy?

It means they think you're cute or else they really like you.

Are girls cute?

It really depends on who the girl is i like a girl, i think shes cute but thats in my opinion there is really no solid answer to that.

Do guys like it when girls blush?

I find it cute when a guy blushes. I am a sucker for guys how blush. Not only is it cute, but it shows that they are probably more easy to trust. I am not sure why though. I just can't see a guy like that stabbing me in the back... It makes me think they might be really sweet. Where I live guys these guys can be hard to find. It also seems kinda flattering that someone would blush at you. It makes me feel special and I bet I am NOT the only one. So yes, many girls like it when a guy blushes, but some want a confident guy. But most girls will settle for a shy one. And I blush a lot too and I am a girl and most girls that blush like guys that blush. But even the flirty girls like it too. (Sorry, I am typing this on a phone.)

Why do boys only like skinny girls even if they're ugly or mean?

Boys only like skinny girls because they think that they are cute and pretty