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I have been asked this question many many times by many people. And the answer is no. Some boys can be complete jerks and some girls can be complete sluts.. So its a matter of personality

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Q: Do boys love girls more
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Who cares about love more girls or boys?

It's usually girls.

Who eats more junk food girls or boys?

Girls love ice cream and they eat way more than boys!

Are girls too pushy when they ask the boy out?

No, in fact, girls should ask out boys more often, boys love it. They love girls who know what they want!

What you think of the opposite sex eg girls boys are all-?

I think that girls love more than boys and in the long run get hurt more than the boys.

What do girls do when there in between to boys?

They figure out which of the two boys like/love her more and would do anything for her.

Boys betray more or girls in love?

i have no definite statistic or anything but i strongly believe that boys betray more than girls n love. i know some girls seem like sluts but that's only because all these girls have usually been really hurt by boys before that! Its impossible to say boys betray more... Because the general opinion is boys betray more... but the true fact is boys and girls equally betray... when girls betray most of the boys don't express it... but when boys betray... girls create it as an big issue. If boys need to be punished for betraying then Girls must too.... IF boys are need to be hanged then Girls must too....

Do girls or boys like animals better?

Girls are usually more caring for animals and nature. Sorry to the sweet boys who love animals.

Why do girls fall for boys so easily?

Because girls are more hormonal and they feel the need to love.

Do most boys love girls that are smart and have confident in themselves?

Most boys love smart girls

Who blogs more girls or guys?

I assumed there are lots of girls who blogs. That is because girls love to write than boys..

There is more boys or girls?

there are more boys in the world acording to the govament there is 3248080000 boys and there is 3214983000 girls (\___/) (='.'=) ('')-('')

Who has more hair girls or boyS?

Boys. Girls have more hair's than Boys!