Do black guys have big penises?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Some African American males are known to have penises long in length and large in girth but there are also some that tend to be smaller as well. The question asked is a generalization/stereotype and therefore cannot be answered specifically, as it depends on the guy in question. I'm not quite sure if there are any studies conducted solely for this subject but (chances are with the American society there is) if you were to search for legitimate accurate polls on the average size of the black male penis, you can find the frequency of hung black males but that's the best I can give you. Hope this helped.

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Q: Do black guys have big penises?
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they have big vaginas and black guys have big penises

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Well it really all depends on what black person your taliking about, there is a stereo type saying that black guys have big penises but its not always true

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