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they have big vaginas and black guys have big penises

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Q: Why do black guys like fat chicks?
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Should you lose weight for a guy to like you?

Most guys prefer shapely woman who are at least a healthy weight. Everyone is different though ( some guys like fat chicks)

Why do hot guys not like fat chicks?

Who said hot guys don't like fat chicks? This question is silly because there are plenty of bigger girls with hot boyfriends just like there's lots of ugly men with hot chicks. Luckily in this world there are people who DONT date by dress size or how well your face fits in. How about..... Why do hot guys likes girls who have the body of a 12 year old boy? Its not fair to ask either question because theres no proof that either question is true. Theres someone for everyone.

Why do skinny kids like fat chicks?

They think skinny isn't good, so they like fat chicks because they know they are weird, so the opposite is good for THEM.

What is the remix of a Lady Gaga song that says things about emo guys and how all emo chicks are fat?


Why do black guys like fat white women?

Logically thinking, ALL black men don't like fat white women. This is a preference. Each person has their own opinion and we all should respect that.

What do you call a guy that likes fat chicks?

You would call him, "a guy that likes fat chicks".

How many fat chicks does it take to sink a boat?

Depends on how fat these chicks are, and how large the boat is.

What kind of stomach do guys like- flat- abs- fat- some fat- ect?

probobly like flat to some fat and boobs, guys love boobs XD

What is the most popular type of bullying in SA?

Verbal Abuse like No Fat Chicks

Do guys like fat women?


How do you get guys who hate fat girls to like a fat girl?

Show him who you really are and he'll like you for you.

Are fat chicks attractive?

Yes some are attractive and boys like a girl with a bit of curve.