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Yes. They are bigger and therefore more rain droplets land on them than thin girls.

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Q: Do bigger girls get wetter than thin girls?
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Do guys like thick or thin girls?

Every Woman is different. But alot of them do. But bigger girls generally tend to like the bigger guys. I really don't know. The female brain is so complicated that even they can't figure each other out.

Why do boys always approach really thin girls and never the bigger ones?

Not to be harsh, but fat to guys is extremly unatractive... And are a BIG turn off, so they go to skinny girls, because skinny is attractive.

Does Cameron boyce date thin or fat girls?


Do girls find chubby but not fat boys more attractive than thin boys?

Girls like all kinds of guys, but don't let yourself go.

Why do guys like thin girls?

To some guys thin girls just seem a lot more attractive than thicker girls. This is not the case with all men though. There are plenty, if not more, men who are attracted to women aren't as thin. Whatever the case is, one man's preferences shouldn't be lumped together as a whole with all other men, as they are human beings with their own personal likes and dislikes.

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800 Cm is bigger because cm is bigger than mm and 80 mm is already lower.

How many teen school girls do not wear panties to school?

I thin lot of girls do not wear.

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thin and make it a rainbow tiger

Do girls like thin guys?

It doesn't really matter for most girls. Girls like boys with personality . If you be yourself girls will like you , not because of your looks. But you cant expect all girls to like you , everyone is different

Do girls with thin faces look cool?

Coolness is not rated on whether your face is thin or not. It's a state of mind - your personality.

Does Justin beiber like thick girls?

I dont think he does because most of the girls he dates are thin and skinny.