Do big girls give good head?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes they do give great oral.. in most cases they have to settle for that and practice makes u good!

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Q: Do big girls give good head?
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Does a chocolate bar give you a big head?

no eating chocolate bars do not give you a big head

Do girls like guys with big head?

Some girls do, and some don't me personally I do not.

Do girls like big head boys?

The possibilities are endless...

Why do all boys never give big girls a chance?

Male peer pressure keeps boys from engaging big girls.

What is good sport for girls with big hands and big feet?

Gymnastics would be a good choice

What do you do with the peanut crackers on big nate?

you give it to the dog when you get the girls out of the way.

Do fat guys give good head?

well it depends i got it real good from a guy called stratton and this guy was FAT wooooheee really big and boy did it shoot out with him

Do mindless like girls with a bold spot on the side of her head?

maybe it depend if its big r not

What do you do when you get the flower on wild west island?

You Go Back And Give It To The Boy With The Big Head He Will Take It And It Will Shrink His Head Then He Will Give You Something Back In Return,

Do big girls give better head than white girls?

Weight, height, race, whatever, does not play a role in how well a female may give oral sex. It is all depends on the individual, and the male's response to the oral sex. All in all, it's mostly opinion who gives better oral sex.

What is a good gift for an exgirlfriend on her birthday?

give her your love and a big gift give her your love and a big gift

What type of butts are good for sex?

Girls with big butts are good for sex, but there is no hard and fast rule here. i would say skinny girls