Do athletes eat junk food

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes. One of the benefits of being an athlete is that you can eat almost anything you want, because you burn up so much energy. it's interesting to note however that many athletes do not eat a lot because being healthy means your body doesn't want food.

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Q: Do athletes eat junk food
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Should junk food be given to athletes?

Junk food is very unhealthy and no one - regardless of their physical shape or athletic abilities - should ever eat it.

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People eat junk food if they want a snack.

Why shouldn't we eat junk food?

We shouldn't eat junk food because it is bad for you

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junk.... not me

How can you become fit but still eat junk food?

Exercise regularly and eat less junk food.

What do australaisan food do people eat?

they eat junk food!

What percentage of people in the world eat junk food?

75% eat junk food, 50% are obese from it, 48% die from it.

What are nutrition food and junk foods?

The difference is that nutrition food is healthier than junk food. Don't eat a lot of junk or you will be obese.

You do not want to eat junk food?


What food is good for you to eat?


What did aeans do?

eat junk food.

What kind of food that is not junk food?

the kind of food that is not junk food is the food that dont contain that much sugar. candy and sweets are types of junk food. apples broccli carrots and more fruits and veges are healthy. so try to eat healthy and try not to eat that much junk. :)