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Send me your email & I'll send you a copy of the manual.

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Q: Disassembly instructions for Remington 742 30.06?
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How do you found out what year your model 742 was made?

can someone tell me how to find out the year of my Remington 742 3006 the letters on the side or xb3 the 3 looks like it has a line going tho it

What is the value of a 1960 30-06 Remington 742 in 3006 with engraved game scenes on both sides of the reciver in very good codition?


What is the difference between Remington model 742 and model740 in 3006?

The Remington model 740 was the first semi-auto rifle chambered in 30-06,and was made from 1955-1959.The Remington model 742 was the next design and made from 1960-1980.I believe that the difference might be the gas piston,and the way the bolt locked up in the chamber(more bolt lugs).

Can you use military ammunition H X P 78 which is a metal jacket 3006 cartridge in your Remington model 742 3006 rifle?

Yes you can. I have shot some in my dads Rem 7400. If you do shoot it. treat it likes it is corrosive and clean the gun promptly and properly.

How do you clean a Remington 30.06 rifle 742 adl?

contact Remington Customer Service through their website, and request an owner's manual- they are free. It will include instructions on assembly, disassembly, and maintenance. FWIW, many gunsmiths clean firearms for a very reasonable price- much less than the cost of replacing the spring that went SPROING! and disappeared to who knows where-

Are there any recalls on 1980 Remington Woodsmaster 742?

There have never been any recalls on the Remington Model 742 that I'm aware of. The Remington 742 is now an obsolete model and was replaced with the Remington Model 7400. The bolt received an upgraded design along with the magazine catch/release. At one time Remington was offering a Model 7400 as a replacement for the Model 742, if you sent them your Model 742 along with $350.00. Is there a problem with the 742 that you have?

What is the value of a 3006 semi-auto 742 Remington?

I just bought one for $200, so perhaps that's in the ballpark. The condition is good to very good with very few, very small scratches or dings.

What is a Remington 742 worth?


What is a Remington 6mm 742 model 110330 value?

Your remington model 742 rifle is valued at between 275-350 dollars.

Will the stock from a Remington 742 fit on a Remington 7400?

Yes they are interchangable.

Is the Remington model 742 still produced?

The Remington Model 742 was made from 1960 until 1980, and it was replaced by the Model 7400 in 1981.

When was a woodmaster 742 3006 with serial number 286029 manufactured?

Remington made those in the 60s thru 80s the Remington 7600 took its place they look identical, there a piecpiece of shyt, I always had problems with the 3 I owned and because of that there verry cheap to buy, a few hundred bucks at the most