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When peoples placed together they are group, when the group work together then the group become team.

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Q: Differences between team and group
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What are within group and between group differences?

Within group differences refers to differences within one individual group. Between group differences refers to the differences between 2 or more groups.

What are the differences between group team sports and individual team sports?

Team sports are based on a single persons performance, such as wrestling. Team sports are based on the performance of a group, such as basketball.

What are the differences between a team and an informal group in an organization?

A team is an organized group of people who work together, cooperate with each other and are interdependent. However an informal group is a social structure that is interlocked and governs the practical work of the people in an organization.

Differences between a group and a team?

A team is usually a group of people that work together but a group can be people that just are together sometimes for a reason, and sometimes just because they have to. --Answer--A team is usually a more structured organisation, with certain roles assigned to individuals and a definite leader, whereas a group is a looser arrangement.

Differences between individual and group communication?

difference between group communication and individual communication

Differences btn a group and a team?

A group is a number of people gathered to form a group,while a team is a number of people gathered with one goal or mission.

What are the differences between a couplet and a triplet?

A couplet is a group of two, and a triplet is a group of three.

What are the differences between group and individual counselling?

similarities of group counselling and individual counselling

What is the difference from a between group and a within group?

There are many differences from an in-between group and within a group. A within group is one one side or another. An in-between group is one that falls in the middle of the within groups.

What are the differences between formal and informal group?

In a Formal group a leader is elected but in an Informal group leaders are chosen by its group members.

What is difference between team and group?

People in team are supposed to work together. If they don't then its just a group.

What conclusion would you make for the difference between a team and a group?

a team

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