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how to differenciate poly cotton and poly viscose

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Q: Difference between poly viscose and poly cotton?
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What are the properties of poly cotton?

poly and cotton

What is better cotton poly or 65 35 cotton poly?

65/35 cotton polly fleece is better

Where can you find poly cotton?

Hillary Clinton's pant suits. Lovely blend of cotton poly.

What is the difference between Poly-amine paint and Poly-amide paint?

Poly-amines are more durable, poly-amides are more resistant to moisture.

Who invented poly cotton?

i did

What is poly cot?

the mixture of ployester and cotton is known as poly cot

How do you breakdown poly-cotton?

You usually break down poly-cotton as a percentage or ratio. For example, a 50/50 blend is 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

How much cotton is blended to make poly cotton?

It depends on the manufacterer

Is nitrogen or oxygen polyatomic?

No they both are not poly atomic for there is a difference between diatomic and poly atomic di means two and poly means more than two.

Why is poly cotton suitable for quilting?

Many modern quilters think that poly cotton fabrics are suitable for quilting because they do not shrink as 100% cotton does, it launders very well, does not wrinkle, and is easy to work with. Many other quilters think that poly cotton fabrics are UNsuitable because they do not accept stitching in the same way as 100% cotton fabrics: thread tends to lie on the surface of poly cotton instead of sinking into a soft ditch. Some quilters do not like poly cotton's too-smooth texture, preferring the softly crinkled affect produced when 100% cotton is slightly shrunken.

Does poly cotton fiber shrink?


What is poly fill?

It is a type of cotton that is softer than regular cotton. It comes in 16 oz and even 36 oz. Have a nice and poly day. (: