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it has been decided is a passive sentence. and it has decided is an active sentence. it has been decided means that "it" was decided by someone/something else, whether it has decide means that it decided by it self.

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Q: Difference between it has been decided and it has decided?
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What is the difference between dividend and proposed dividend?

Here the difference is that the dividend is a amount decided to be given to, say the shareholders, and proposed dividend is the amount has not yet been decided at the meeting , for the sareholders as yet.

What is the difference between the words news and notice?

The difference between the words news and notice is that news pertains to something that is currently, or just happened. Notice is information about something that has already happened, or been decided.

What is the difference between we have decided and we are decided?

"We have decided" indicates that a decision has been made by us in the past and it is still relevant. "We are decided" is not a commonly used phrase in English; a better alternative might be "we are determined," which indicates a strong resolve to do something.

What the difference between been to and been in?

Much the same as the difference between to and in.

Have been decided or has been decided?

"Has been decided" is the correct form. For example, "The matter has been decided."

Difference between had and had been?

one has been on the end

What is the difference between was and had been?

had been is before and was is just there

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The difference would be decided by the church's administration; Canons, Deacons, etc.

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They were, in the past. Or at least some of them. The people who decided to place them in a separate kingdom decided that there were significant difference between bacteria and plants.

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Was decided or have been decided?

Has been decided sounds better :)

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