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A gap junction is a '' tunnel '' between cells in which messages and nutrients can be passed back and forth. A tight junction is the connection between two cells that is strongly '' sown '' with protein threads to help maintain tissue conformation.

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Q: Difference between gap junction and tight junction?
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What are the four types of cellular junctions?

plasmodesmata tight junctions desmosomes gap junctions the plasmodesmata is the only cell junction in the plant cells.. and the other three cell junctions are in the animal cells...

What are three types of extracellular junctions?

Within the multicellular organism tissues, a cell junction occurs. Animals have four kinds of intercellular junctions which are gap junction, desmosomes, adherens junction and tight junction,

What is the channel between animal cells?

Gap junction aka nexus

What kind of membrane junctions does a cell have?

Tight junction - impermeable junction that encircles the cell Desmosome - anchoring junction scattered along the sides of cells Gap junction - a nexus that allows chemical substances to pass between cells

Which structures form connection for support and communication between like cells?

Gap junction

What is a stronger junction of cells desmosomes or gap or tight junctions?

a tight junction is when two cells are anchored together BY desmosomes, which act like spot welds. This enables them to stay together without being pulled apart and also allows them to pass things to each other through their semi-permeable membrane.

What is the purpose of a Gap junction?

A gap junction enables connections between two different animal cells. It allows ions and molecules to pass between the cells freely and helps the organism to continue to exist.

Junction type that allows neighboring cells to exchange small molecules?

Gap Junction

What is the junction called between 2 communicating neurons?

The connection between two neurons is not a true connection but a gap junction that is used by neurotransmitters between them.

Which structure form connections for and communication between Like cells?

Gap junction

What is the Electrical synapse between adjacent myocardial cells are called?

Gap junction

What is the junction point between neurons?

A synapse is the junction or a point of close contact between two neurons.