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Within the multicellular organism tissues, a cell junction occurs. Animals have four kinds of intercellular junctions which are gap junction, desmosomes, adherens junction and tight junction,

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Tight Junctions, Desmosomes, and Gap Junctions in Animal Cells

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Q: What are three types of extracellular junctions?
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Skin cells are attached to the extracellular matrix by a. anchoring junctions. b. tight junctions. c. plasmodesmata. d. communicating junctions. e. basal bodies.?


What are the four types of cellular junctions?

plasmodesmata tight junctions desmosomes gap junctions the plasmodesmata is the only cell junction in the plant cells.. and the other three cell junctions are in the animal cells...

Plasmodesmata of plant cells are functionally equivalent to what of animal cells?

If the answer choices are a. Extracellular Martix b. Desmosomes c. Gap Junctions d. Tight Junctions e. Peroxisomes Then the answer is definitely C, Gap Junctions

What binds animal cells together?

Animal cells are mostly bound together by what are known as intercellular junctions. There are three types of cell junctions: anchoring junctions, tight junctions and gap junctions. Of these, anchoring junctions, which include adherens junction, desmosomes and hemidesmosomes, help bind the animal cells together, in an extracellular matrix.

What types of cell junctions connect cells within tissues?

The apical surface does not have any cell junctions because it is a free surface exposed to things that are not epithelial cells. The lateral surfaces of an epithelial cell, which face the adjacent cells on either side contain tight junctions, adherens junctions, desmosomes and/or gap junctions. The basal surface of an epithelial cell adhere to extracellular materials like the basement membrane. Hemidesmosomes anchor the epithelium to the basement membrane in the basal surface.

What intercellular junction in which cells are bound together by fusion of the outer cell membrane is called what?

In vertebrates, there are three major types of cell junction:1. Adherens junctions, desmosomes and hemidesmosomes (anchoring junctions.)2. Gap junctions (communicating junction)3. Tight junctions (occluding junctions)Your question most likely is for the tight junction but more information in the question would be helpful.

Do all animal cells have all types of cell junctions?


Extracellular membrane receptors are used by which types of hormones?


Identify the three major subdivision of extracellular fluid found in the body?

The body is made up of three major extracellular materials. These materials are; body fluids, cell secretions and extracellular matrix.

What are the two major types of extracellular fluid?

hypovolemic shock and edema

What are the three main connections?

cells, fibers, and extracellular matrix. (:

Adult cell types you might expect to have gap junctions include?

heart muscle