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  1. Very basic difference is that an assault rifle is capable of both semi-automatic and full automatic fire with pull of the trigger. A rifle only fires once each time the trigger is pulled.
The ammunition is important too. Assault rifles use a less-powerful ammo than rifles, but with less range. The result is that more ammo can be carried because of the reduced weight. For sniping at long ranges, the rifle is but the assault rifle has replaced it for short and intermediate ranges.

In reality, assault rifle is a misnomer as it connects an action with a weapon. Any assault involving a rifle by definition means one is using an assault rifle. The M-1 Garrand rifle was a semi-automatic rifle used by American infantry throuought World War II for example. They certainly made assaults with this rifle. The same is true for the British Lee-Enfield 303 and Mauser bolt action rifles of the Commonwealth and German armies, respectively.

One needs to understand that the term assault rifle has different meanings depending on the context, particularly in the US. The term "assault rifle" likely originated with the German Army which fielded a fully automatic rifle in World War II named the Sturmgewehr. Translated, this means literally "storm gun" or "storm rifle"; storm here being used as in storming the enemy. However, no other army has ever used the term "assault rifle" to describe weapons used by soldiers. The US Army and Marine Corps for example have always referred to rifles, including the fully-automatic M-16 and M4, as simply "rifles" or "weapons".

Size of bullet doesn't define "assault rifle" either. The M-16 and M4 indeed fire a relatively small bullet, the 5.56 mmX45mm NATO round which weighs just 62 grains, although the cartridge is fairly large. On the other hand, the most widely produced fully automatic rifle in the world, the Kalashnikov AK-47, fires a bullet weighing 123 grains.

Really, "assault rifle" is a term used principally in the US and outside the military to define just about any type of rifle that is semi- or fully-automatic. Those new to the US should understand that the term is generally used by the media and anti-gun advocates. And, again, beyond this there is no weapon or ballistically defined "assault rifle."

Short Answer: a rifle fires a full-length long-range cartridge as a single shot or semiautomatic weapon. An assault rifle fires a less powerful close-range cartridge, and has full-automatic capability.

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Q: Difference between a rifle and assault rifle?
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An assault rifle is a rifle that has more than 22'' inches of barrel and has selective firing rate, while the carbine rifle has a less 22'' inches barrel and semi automatic. ^^ Wrong.. An assault rifle is any select fire rifle that is chambered for an intermediate cartridge... Barrel length has nothing to do with it. The M16 has a 20" barrel length and is considered an assault rifle. The AK47 has a 16" barrel and is considered an assault rifle... Carbines that are select fire and chambered in an intermediate cartridge are still considered assault rifles.

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