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In a romantic sense? No. They are only just friends.

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Q: Did Tom welling love kristin kreuk?
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Did Tom Welling have an affair with Kristin Kreuk in 2005?

There have been rumors floating around stating that Tom Welling did have an affair with Kristin Kreuk in 2005. Neither party has confirmed this as of May 9, 2014.

Would tom welling date kristin kreuk if he wasn't married?

Tom Welling and her are just friends only she is with someone already and has been for a long time and Tom he is dating a women named Jessica .

Does kristin kreuk have any feeling for tom welling?

Kristin has been happily dating her boyfriend for almost nine years, and Tom has been married for almost ten and a half years. So there are no feelings between them apart from friendship.

Did tom welling and kristin kreuk ever have a relationship?

No, Tom and Kristin never had a relationship. In fact, Tom had been dating his current wife Jamie for several years by the time he was hired for Smallville and may have already been engaged when the show began production.

Was Tom Welling ever dating Kristin Kreuk?

Tom Welling has been married to former model, Jamie White, since 2002. He and Kristin Kreuk have never dated, not even when they worked together in Smallville.Kristin Kreuk has been dating boyfriend, Mark Hildreth, a fellow Canadian actor, whom she met on the set of Legend of Earthsea in 2004. These two have recently been photographed in September 2010 walking in downtown Vancouver, Canada, with their dog.~o~

Is Allison Mack the leading lady of Smallville and replaced Kristin Kreuk?

Yes Allison Mack is the leading lady of Smallville since season 8. She is equal to Tom Welling in regards to episode counts which is 22 per season. She is also 2nd in the opening credits which was hold by Kristin Kreuk for 6 seasons (though she was dropped to 3rd in Season 7 and replaced by Michael Rosenbaum).

Does kristin kreuk end up with tom welling in Smallville?

as much as i want them to end up together they dont but they really wanted to lana got her powers and she absorbed green kryptonite and when she goes near clark he goes on the floor he ends up with lois lane.

In Smallville who act as clark kentchloe Sullivan and lana lang?

In Smallville, actor Tom Welling is the one that portrays the character of Clark Kent also known as Kal-El, Allison Mack is the actress that plays the role of Chloe Sullivan and Kristin Kreuk is the actress that portrays the role of Lana Lang.

Does kristin stewart have any children?

Do she have kids?, I will say no. What about you?

Is Tom Welling single?

No, Tom Welling is not single.

Is Tom Welling's wife beautiful?

No she is not. yeah. she looks like crap, and she has a really big forehead. she's disgusting. and she doesn't deserve to be with him. i think that he should be with kristin kreuk. they are perfect for each other. lol :) now that's not nice she's doesn't look like crap, she's normal looking, nothing special. *************************************************** Jamie Welling does not look like crap, nor is she merely normal looking. She's actually a beautiful woman and was in fact, a model when she met Tom.

What is the birth name of Tom Welling?

Tom Welling's birth name is Thomas John Patrick Welling.