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Tom Welling has been married to former model, Jamie White, since 2002. He and Kristin Kreuk have never dated, not even when they worked together in Smallville.

Kristin Kreuk has been dating boyfriend, Mark Hildreth, a fellow Canadian actor, whom she met on the set of Legend of Earthsea in 2004. These two have recently been photographed in September 2010 walking in downtown Vancouver, Canada, with their dog.


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No. They never dated. Tom Welling was with his long time girlfriend Jamie White (they had been together six years) when Smallville went into production in 2001,

and they may have already been engaged when the show began filming.

When Tom married Jamie in July 2002, he invited the Smallville cast, which included Kristin Kreuk, to the wedding. As of 2011, the Wellings are still happily married.

As for Kristin, she has been happily dating her boyfriend Mark Hildreth since 2004.

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yes tom welling and Kristen kreuk aregood friends because they always laugh together when the making of the show they do not have a major relationship but they are good friends

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No, he has a girlfriend/wife, Jamie White

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Q: Was Tom Welling ever dating Kristin Kreuk?
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