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Yes. Aubrey now works at the American Electric Tatoo Shop in LA

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Q: Did Kat von d fire aubrey from her tattoo shop?
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Where is Kat von D's tattoo shop located?

Kat Von D's tattoo shop is located at: 1259 N. La Brea Ave. W. Hollywood, Ca. 90038.

What tattoo shop did Bam Margera get his tattoos from?

LA Ink - Kat Von De

Is Kat Von D an entrepreneur?

Yes, you could say that. She her own tattoo shop and has numerous design ventures.

What does Kat von D specialize in?

Kat von D specializes in giving tattoos. Kat von D has had television shows showing her tattoo shop and her workers giving tattoos. Kat von D has over a dozen tattoos on her body.

Were did kat von d learn to tattoo?

Kat learned how to tattoo @ the age of 14 when her friend asked her to tattoo him/her due to her skills of drawing

La ink kat von d?

Is a woman who owns a tattoo shop in Los Angeles called High Voltage Tattoos.

Are the artists on LA Inked the real tattoo artists that work at the shop?

According to an interview in Inked magazine, Kat Von D says that the real team of tattoo artists at the shop are "team b" and that TLC has dictated the hiring and firing of the tattoo artists that appear on "LA Inked".

Will Kat Von D tattoo again?

on twitter kat von d (@thekatvond) responses to fans saying "I will tattoo till im old and grey"

Who did Lyn-Z Way's tattoo?

One of her tattoo done Kat von D

How much does it cost to get a tattoo from Kat Von D?

It depends on what kind of tattoo your getting.

What are the release dates for Miami Ink - 2005 Kat and Ami Tattoo the Troops?

Miami Ink - 2005 Kat and Ami Tattoo the Troops was released on: USA: 2006

What is Kat Von D's occupation?

Kat Von D is a/an Tattoo artist,television personality,entrepreneur