La ink kat von d

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Is a woman who owns a tattoo shop in Los Angeles called High Voltage Tattoos.

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Q: La ink kat von d
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Who is baby did La Ink star Kat Von D give birth to?

Kat Von D never gave brith to any children.

Is kat Coreys wife on la ink?

Corey's wife's name IS Kat, but Corey's wife Kat is NOT Kat Von D

What kind of ink does kat von d use?

eternal ink

Where can you get US flag leggings like the ones Kat Von D wears in LA Ink?

try you local forever 21

Does Kat Von Dee do the introduction in MTV's dating show 'Exposed'?

Kat Von D is a popular tattoo artist best known by her television show LA Ink. She is a musician, model, and artist. The MTV show Exposed does not note Kat Von D to have any credit for doing the introduction to the dating show.

Who was a star on the reality TV series Miami Ink?

Kat Von D

Who was Aubry's blind date in LA Ink?

Kat Von D sets Aubry up with her good friend, Jason, on the television series LA Ink. The title of the episode is "Tick, Tock, Biological Clock."

Is Kat Von D Single?

No, Kat Von D is not single.

Who is a tatoo artist at la ink?

There are no tattoo artists at "LA Ink", as that is not the name of the shop. Kat Von D's shop is called High Voltage Tattoos. Watch the show to know, I couldn't care less who works there.

What happened to Pixie Acia?

She was fired from LA Ink. Some say Kat von D was jealous cause everyone wanted to see more of pixie

Are Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D still together?

No, if you look at kat's myspace she deleted all their photos and marked her status as single. Knowing kat, she probably lied and screwed some guy and then broke it off, just like she did with every other husband or boyfriend or fiance she had.

Is kat von d bisexual?

Kat Von D is bisexual.