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Was James McHenry for or against anti-slavery

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Q: Did James mchenry support slavery
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What were James McHenry's accomplishments?

James McHenry became marylands senate

Did James Madison support slavery?

No he did not sopport slavery. In fact he was storngly oposed to salvery.

When was James McHenry born?

James McHenry was born on November 16, 1753.

What is James McHenry's birthday?

James McHenry was born on November 16, 1753.

When was James McHenry - novelist - born?

James McHenry - novelist - was born in 1785.

When was James W. McHenry born?

James W. McHenry was born in 1864.

When did James McHenry - novelist - die?

James McHenry - novelist - died in 1845.

How many votes did James McHenry receive?

James McHenry received 635 votes for membership in the House of Delegates according to The Life and Correspondence of James McHenry.

When did James W. McHenry die?

James W. McHenry died on 1931-11-23.

Why did fort mchenry honor James mchenry?

bc mchenry was his last name and yea thats it

Who was in James McHenry's family?

the monkey man

Did James McHenry own slaves?

no he didnt