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It rather depends on what they touch you with and where they touch you.

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Q: Could you get pregnant it someone touches you?
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Can you get pregnant if someone touches you over clothes?

absolutely not

Are uou able to have kids if you are a shemale?

Yes you are able, you have both could get yourself pregnant........... Or you could get someone pregnant or someone can get you pregnant.

Could you be pregnant or is it in your head?

If you have had sexual intercourse with someone, then you could possibly be pregnant. If not, then you aren't.

When your boyfriend touches your private can you get pregnant?


What do you do when someone touches a live wire?

When someone touches a live wire, it could cause them to get an electric shock. You must not touch the person if they got electrocuted but you should call an ambulance immediately.

can you get pregnant if a boys penis touches your butt with pants on?

No, you cannot get pregnant this way.

What does it mean that someone is pregnant for your ex boyfriend?

When someone is pregnant from your ex boyfriend there is a possibility (could be gossip or he's not the father) that he got another woman pregnant.

Could someone get pregnant the day after the period cycle?


Can you get chlamydia if someone touches the infected area and then touches you?

Yes it is possible, but not likely.

Is the batter out if he touches someone before he reaches first base after hitting the ball or being forced to first on a walk?

After a walk, no. After hitting the ball, no, unless when he "touches" someone he is interfering with a play on a batted ball, in which case he could be called out for interference.

Can a girl get pregnant when a boy kisses and touches the breast and nipples of girl?

No, a girl cannot get pregnant by doing that.

What do you do when someone touches your boobs?

have some fun

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