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No you can't. You can only get pregnant if sperm enters your vagina and touches your egg.

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Q: Can i get pregnant if you use Anion sanitary napkins?
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How do women athletes deal with periods?

they take sanitary napkins or tampons with them, and use sanitary wipes to keep themselves clean in a forward environment.

What are the things use by girls?

The list is endless. What things in particular? If referring to tampons or sanitary napkins, these are used for their monthly menstrual cycle.

What compose of a hygienic products?

Hygiene products are things you use for your personal care. These things are: Toothbrush, Deodorant, Feminine wash, sanitary napkins, etc.

Can I use regular sanitary pads for controlling the unwanted flow?

If you have bladder problems, you need to used adult diapers. The regular sanitary napkins will do you no good. the regular ones are much smaller and are designed to absorb less amount of fluids.

What kind of pads can I use for scanty flow?

For scanty flow you should use panty liners as they are thin and small. They are one type of sanitary napkins itself. They are the apt size and thickness for little to no bleeding.

How would one best use a mooncup?

A mooncup is used only by menstruating women. It is a cup designed to fit inside the women to catch menstrual fluid, replacing the need to use sanitary napkins or tampons.

How do you use napkin?

If you mean a menstrual or sanitary napkin, then these just go into the crotch of your underwear to absorb menstrual flow and keep it from getting on your underwear. Disposable sanitary napkins have glue on the back so stick into your underwear, or cloth sanitary napkins wrap around the underwear and fasten into place with snap-fastens.

Why unhygienec napkin can cause cervical cancer?

Unhygienic napkins can cause cervical cancer and many of the women who are unable to purchase sanitary napkins are at a higher risk for cervical cancer than those who can purchase pads. Some of the alternatives to sanitary napkins include corn husks and cloth.

Did early Hebrews use napkins?

There is no mention of napkins in the Hebrew Bible.

Why do sanitary napkins have gel?

Only commercial sanitary pads contain gel. The reason is that the gel acts to hold the menstrual blood in the pad so it can contain more, although the gel may be harmful to health which is one reason why many women refuse to use commercial brands that may use gels like Always or Kotex.

Is it cheaper to use paper or cloth dinner napkins?

It really depends on how often and how many people you need napkins for. It is definitely more environment friendly to use cloth napkins, especially for the long term.

How do you use sanitary in a sentence?

a sanitary wrapper on all sandwiches.