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Doesn't sound like it to me. Sore breasts are part of a period before and after. If you miss your next period I would suggest a test.

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Q: Could you be pregnant you had a 3 day period and 4 days later your breast are sore you took an at home test but was negative?
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Could i be pregnant I am 15 days late for my period have breast tenderness and fatigue yet 4 hpt's say negative?

The same thing happend to me you may be pregnant or your breast could hurt because your cycle and you may be late do to stress

Are you pregnant if your breast get bigger?

You could be, but it could be a sign that your period is coming. If you miss your period, take a test

If home pregnancy test negative can you still be pregnant and get your period?

No you can't be pregnant and still have your period. You can have a light bleed but not a period. As for the whole negative test thing, it could be a false negative.

Why you still have breast tenderness after a light period and now its been 3 weeks and still have breast tenderness?

Hi, This could be because you're pregnant. Do a test. i did 4 hpt and came back negative Hi, This could be because you're pregnant or have a hormonal imbalance or because your on birth control. Do a test.

You've gained seven pounds and your breast went from 36c to 38c in three months You've had no period Could you be pregnant?

AnswerIt is possible that the weight gain could be why you have not got your period. However, weight gain, breast size increase and no period are all signs of pregnancy so it's important to take a pregnancy test. If the test is negative, you should go and see your doctor or gynaecologist to get checked out that everything's OKAnswerOf course! Breast size increase and no period are two signs of being pregnant

You are having cramps and your breast is tender and you took the EC pill are you pregnant?

it could just be ur period

Could you be pregnant if period is a day late you have breast tenderness and light cramping?

If you have had sex, then you can be pregnant. However, it sounds more like your body is getting ready to start your period.

I had my period on 24 Nov 2009. I did a blood test and it was negative. I also did a home pregnancy test and it came out negative. Could I be pregnant?

If you have had a negative blood test, it is very unlikely that you are pregnant

Your period is due in about 5 days and you feel pregnant you took a test yesterday and it was negative could you be pregnant?

well i don't think it could be possible

I didn't have a period in June or July i took a pregnancy test in the middle of July that was negative i had a period aug 4 i just found out i am pregnant could i have gotten pregnant in July?

No. If you got a period after July, then you did not get pregnant in July.

I have done two pregnancy test and they have both come out negative and my period still hasn't come could I be pregnant?

yes you are pregnant

2 negative pregnancy and one positive test having some light bleeding and tender breast could you be pregnant?